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Pet owners in the Cooper City area need to find a veterinary service they can rely on to keep their cat or dog in the best possible health. At our vet practice, we're happy to offer our services so that your pet can live a happy and healthy life. 


Veterinarian Services Offered at Cooper City

We offer a wide variety of different pet care services at Cooper City Animal Clinic. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment for your cat or dog with us, you should be aware of all the many services we offer. 

The following is some general information on the services we offer our clients at our animal clinic:

Pet Dental Care

A lot of pet owners do not realize how important dental health is. An infection in your pet's mouth can lead to tooth decay, dental abscesses, septicemia, kidney, liver and heart disease. We all know how uncomfortable a toothache is, our pets may experience pain in their mouth and express it by loss of appetite, decreased socialization or even aggressive behavior. We offer dental cleanings with radiographs for early diagnosis of dental disease. Treatment will prevent both tooth loss and discomfort.

Pet Wellness and Vaccinations

Routine examinations are essential for early detection of health or behavioral issues. Routine exams include discussions of the behavior, diet, exercise habits, appetite, vaccination protocols, and baseline bloodwork. Baseline bloodwork may show changes in the liver or kidney values that can then be addressed before they become major issues. Sometimes changes in the diet or habits can correct some behavioral problems.

Surgical Services

Surgical procedures offered at Cooper City Animal Clinic run the gamut from "routine" spays and neuters to soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. While no procedure should ever be considered routine, because any anesthetic procedure has inherent risks involved, we try to minimize these risks by running pre-anesthetic bloodwork and monitoring anesthesia closely. Our staff offers many years of experience in veterinary care and we love what we do. 


One of the most important services pet owners occasionally need is daycare services. Through our daycare services, you can be sure that your pet is well looked after even if you are unavailable due to professional or personal activities. 

Contact us if you're interested in any of the services mentioned above. We'll be happy to provide you with answers to any questions you have regarding your pet's health. 

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