Vaccines For Life Program


Free vaccines for life is new program offered by Cooper City Animal Clinic to where we offer core vaccines for life and other recommended vaccines at a discounted rate. Once you are signed up for FVFL, it lasts for the lifetime of your pet while still a client of Cooper City Animal Clinic.

Vaccinations are a life saving attribution to a long healthy life. Over the years however, we know they can add up. We are offering this program so that our clients are able to afford other important parts of their pets life. If the cost of vaccines is covered with a one time fee, this leaves room to do more routine lab work and routine dental treatments which are most times, over looked.

The core vaccines for dogs that will be offered will be rabies (tag not included but required for the county), DHPP, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Leptospirosis. Special vaccinations such as K9 Influenza or Lyme will be offered at a 50% off discount for enrolled patients.

For our cat patients the core vaccines that will be offered are rabies (tag not included but required for the county) and FVRCP.

  • Client will pay a one time enrollment fee of $99.00 per animal
  • The enrollment fee is nonrefundable
  • The enrollment is fee is per pet and cannot be transferred.
  • Pets will remain enrolled as long as they have their annual wellness exam within the 30 days that are due.
  • The enrollment fee only covers the listed vaccines.
  • During the physical exam, the doctor will discuss all vaccines that are appropriate for the pet and the pets age. The owner has the right to decline and vaccines EXCEPT for rabies which is required by state and county law. 
  • All exam fees, lab fees, medications, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention and all other veterinary charges are not included BUT members will get a 10% discount on all services & food.
  • Cooper City Animal Clinic reserves the right to stop accepting new enrollments at anytime.

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