Preventative & Wellness Care

The health of your pet relies heavily on preventative and wellness care from a knowledgeable veterinarian. It's critical not to wait until your pet shows signs of illness to bring him or her in for a visit. At Cooper City Animal Clinic, we help our pet owners understand the necessity to bring their cats or dogs in for a regular checkup. We strive to provide your pet with the care it needs for optimal wellness, and of course, his or her happiness.


What is Involved with Preventative Care? 

Keeping your pet in superior condition involves a little bit of everything. Here at our animal clinic in Cooper City, we don't leave out anything. In addition to a wellness exam, here are the services we provide for pets:

  • Vaccinations: These are critical in preventing disease or illness in your pet. As your animal ages, his or her immunization shots shouldn't be overlooked because, without vaccinations, his or her immune system can weaken. 
  • Pet Dental Care:  Our pet dental care includes oral assessments, cleanings, tooth extractions, and repair.
  • Parasite Prevention: We discuss this thoroughly, along with his or her require immunization shots, during your pet’s exam.

What Else Is Included with A Wellness Exam? 

Our veterinarians will ask you some basic questions regarding the behaviors of your pet, such as bowel movements, activity level, and appetite. Soon after, we will check your pet's body condition, eyes, ears, skin, and organs. If treatment is needed, we will create a plan with you moving forward. Our animal clinic has everything your pet needs to stay healthy, no matter what stage of life he or she is in.

Importance of Preventative Care

Pets need to have excellent health care from the time they are born. Pets age rather quickly, and changes to their bodies can happen without us even realizing it. Owners often ask when a good time is for a wellness exam, but there is a simple answer to this. It's always a good time. However, cats or dogs who have reached their sixth birthday are generally considered middle-aged. This time of life is especially crucial for you to bring them to the veterinarian at least twice annually for a wellness screening. 

We Are Your Preferred Animal Clinic for Preventative and Wellness Care

We have everything you need here at Cooper City Animal Clinic to ensure your pet is living comfortably and well throughout his or her life. We even provide suggestions for what you can do for pet wellness at home. Call 954-434-6166 today to schedule your beloved animal’s preventative care exam with our friendly veterinary team in Cooper City. 

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